Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

As Adrian Kenya, we drive innovation by deploying infrastructural solutions that enable access. We are sub-contracted across Mt. Kenya, Nairobi-East, Rift, Coast, and Western-Nyanza to service Safaricom’s network. To date, Adrian has built over 20% of Safaricom’s BTS infrastructure, supports over 20% Managed Services infrastructure, and deploys and maintains 40% of the total Fiber Network.

More than that, innovation for us means always trying to elevate the quality of service we provide to our customers. After 10 years of building the Adrian Business, and informed by the changing digital world around us, we now recognize a new opportunity to keep innovating.

The Adrian Technology Innovation Center (The ATiC) is a space where Adrian’s developers and other young developers from all across the country come together to solve big contextual problems that governments and the private sector have found limited scalable success in addressing. The center continues to serve as a reminder that we have the capacity to solve our own problems and even contribute to solving global problems.

In addition, we continue to explore how AI and Big Data Analytics can improve efficiencies for our stakeholders.