Empowering women in the workforce

Empowering Women

As Adrian, we recognize the contribution of women to society and we believe that female-led businesses have the potential to transform the market. The challenge is that women haven’t always been given the same opportunities to lead in business. Currently, Adrian Kenya has a
workforce comprising of 30% women and is driving the agenda of empowering more women through various programs in the HR Department.

As a business, we have identified women with management capabilities to lead key functions of our business such as the Fiber Division, Supply Chain, and our Software Development Team.

In 2019, we facilitated a Women in Business Training to step up progress towards empowering women-run businesses. As part of our long-term strategy in contributing to society, Adrian has developed a compact business curriculum that helps prepare Women In Business. We continue to invest in the training and development of women-owned businesses amongst our suppliers to effectively add value in the Telecommunication space and adjacent sectors.

Our commitment is to support over 50 companies that in turn, can consolidate their assets, networks, and capabilities into a formidable force that can solicit support from the financial institutions, private and government. By sharing global strategy frameworks with these SMEs, we position them to strategically help solve large infrastructure service opportunities that can translate to business growth, prosperity, and longevity in the market.