Enabling decent Work & Economic growth

Our values are built around people so as a business we put people first. Be that our community, clients and our teams. Our footprint spans both urban and rural areas and we remain committed to serving the society by actively identifying the needs of the communities around our project

We recognize the existing skills gap in rural areas which often means opportunities to decent work are less abundant for the youth in these areas as compared to urban youth. To address this our operations team has developed a 6-month internal technical training program that equips youth – aged 25 to 35 – with basic technical skills required to service and maintain telecommunication infrastructure. This has seen us create over 600 jobs in our casual labor force.
In addition, we have put in place internal policies that promote the creation of jobs in the communities we go into.

Internally, we have also allocated resources that improve access and support diversity in order to ensure that we continue to create equal opportunities across different demographics.