According to statistics from the Ministry of Environment Kenya’s forest cover is estimated to be about 7.4% of the total land area which falls short of the recommended global minimum of 10%.

Deforestation to make room for industrialization continues to be our infliction on mother nature which experts say is one of the causes behind global warming since there are not enough trees to absorb the carbon dioxide being produced in the environment.

Industries that pay no mind to their environmental impact also contribute to the increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere which has far-reaching effects for people all around the world; this includes extreme weather, deadly heatwaves, and more severe droughts.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, tree planting is one of the ways Adrian likes to contribute to preserving our environment. On Friday, 13th March, Adrian staff members participated in a tree planting exercise at the Ondiri swamp and Musa Gitau Primary school which
saw them plant almost 2000 tree seedlings.

On a lighter note, the tree planting event wasn’t without its own funny moments. What turned out as a playful dare by Adrian’s Managing Director to join him as he attempted to walk across the swamp, saw some of our staff members end up in the swamp. What turned it into one of the funniest live shows I have ever watched was watching the staff members that we’re trying to rescue the rest also end up in the swamp! All in all, we got to give back to the environment and had a wonderful time doing it!

Article by Wambui Njung’e, Adrian Intern March 2020