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 The high capital and operational costs of cell sites coupled by the increasing need for the Mobile network Operators (MNO’s) to focus their energy to their core business of network service delivery has pushed them into adopting the more efficient build-to suit business model that involves renting out all the passive infrastructure of a cell site instead of building their own, with only the direct cost being that of the active equipment.  We partner with the best tower companies in the region to offer build-to-suit solutions to the MNO’s.

What's Included In Our Build to Suit Solutions?

Adrian Kenya has a strong asset base: human, financial and experience all geared towards delivery high quality tower infrastructure. From acquisition and statutory permits, engineering survey and designs, civil works, electrical installation and power connection of cell sites we offer “best-in-class service and are currently working with the largest mobile network operators in Kenya to deploy this solution.

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Our approach is always to begin with the customers' needs in mind. We're a solutions centred orginization.

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