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Cell towers are known for ushering in the modern mobile phone era, but they are also playing a large role in the future of networks. They are the most established type of communications infrastructure, and are still the most reliable way to deliver critical wireless coverage including voice and data signals, wireless broadband, TV, radio signals and more. We build new cell towers for mobile network operators (MNO’s) specific to their requirements, enabling them to expand their networks.  If a new cell tower cannot be constructed, we provide adaptable, alternative solutions such as pole mounts, wall mounts and rooftops. The towers can be used to host different wireless technology equipment including voice, data, and radio.

What's Included In Our Cell Tower Build Solutions?

Adrian Kenya has a strong asset base: human, financial and experience all geared towards delivery high quality tower infrastructure. From acquisition and statutory permits, engineering survey and designs, civil works, electrical installation, power connection, radio frequency (RF) installation, configuration, integration, and transmission and optimization of MNO’s cell sites we offer ‘best-in-class’ service and are currently working with the largest mobile network operators in Kenya.

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