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Organizing your workforce as a collaborative unit is essential for achieving competitive advantage and bottom-line results. Working together as a team is not just a phrase. It is prerequisite for a business success. Collaboration means creating, sharing and discussing business strategies and ideas in one place that’s accessible to employees from multiple locations and at any time needed. Such an efficient communication and collaboration rests upon modern Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and collaboration solutions.

What's Included In Our Collaboration Solutions?

Our certified engineers develop collaboration solutions based on your specific business requirement. We implement Information and Communication Technologies with the aim to enable you with efficient collaboration which leads to better business results. With the support from our international technology partners, we design a consolidated, secure Unified Communications Network, so you can collaborate effectively both onsite and offsite using voice, video and web. Our key technology offerings are shown below:

Unified Communications

The term Unified Communication or describes not only how we connect different communication systems for the digital workforce, but collaboration tools too. Seamless Unified Communication ensures a higher level of interaction throughout the globally-dispersed workforce. It breaks down the silos between enterprise teams, and ensures that no matter where you work, you can still access the same secure system, equipped with:

  • Messaging
  • Voice and video calling
  • Team collaboration
  • Video Conferencing
  • File sharing
Video Conferencing

The modern workplace consists of geographically dispersed colleagues and teams eager to optimize their day-to-day interactions. This is vital in a corporate world that depends on teamwork and collaboration to make the next big whatever a reality.

For some companies, that means adopting collaboration solutions like video conferencing. Video conferencing is a subset of web calling technology, a collaboration solution that enables users to place calls via an internet browser, desktop, mobile, or video device.

Users can transmit live video during a video conference to provide much-needed visual interactions with colleagues, benefitting users at all levels of an organization and across all departments.

Cloud & Hybrid Collaboration Solutions

Cloud Collaboration deployments allow you and your users to move resources, data storage, applications, servers and networks to the cloud. Cloud deployments have been proven to be secure, reliable and cost-effective.

More and more organizations are moving their infrastructure to the cloud because cloud collaboration solutions provide lower upfront costs, less maintenance, and reduced infrastructure requirement, with the option to scale up and down as needed. They also enhance team collaboration and increase employee productivity and engagement.

Contact Centre Solutions

With the right contact center infrastructure in place, you can gain a lasting foundation for achieving optimal customer experiences and take advantage of improved business processes. Integrate workforce management systems, CRM software, and other legacy systems. 

Managing omnichannel interactions lets your customers reach you on their preferred channel using extensive integration capabilities giving more effective and efficient call routing process using CTI. The telephone, IVR, and ACD can be seamlessly integrated with the business tools and database.

Audio Visual Solutions

Audio visual technology advances quickly. Digital setups have replaced analog systems and network-based solutions are vital to communication today. This transition requires audio visual providers to uphold a thorough knowledge of information technology. Conference Technologies (a top audio-visual equipment supplier) recognized this change ahead of others, which has positioned us to provide you advanced solutions you need.

Display Solutions

Creating the right visual experience is essential to your product strategy. You’ll want brightness and clarity, highly responsive touch screen interfacing and all of this without becoming a power drain on the system. To make the product fit your requirements, Adrian provides a wide range of services and enhancements around LCD panels.  Our display solutions team has extensive knowledgeable on the implementation of all enhancement technologies.

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