Edmond Chisanga

Board Member, Adrian Group

Mr. Edmond Chisanga serves on the Adrian Group Board with a focus on Jos Hansen Zambia. With over 40 years of distinguished international senior management and corporate expertise, Edmond Chisanga boasts a rich professional journey encompassing Africa and the UK. With 15 years dedicated to Accounting and Auditing, Edmond’s trajectory has been marked by remarkable achievements. Edmond transitioned into entrepreneurship in 1991, eventually serving as Chairman and CEO of a consortium of companies catering to Zambia’s Mining Industry.
Edmond’s contributions extended to pivotal consultancy roles, aiding Zambia’s Ministry of Finance in PPP and toll road initiatives. A founding figure of Northmann Capital, Edmond is deeply engaged in investment and corporate advisory ventures across Zambia and Zimbabwe. His impact echoes through board directorships, including Marvellous Energy UK, Stevens Group Netherlands, and Alphatech Zambia Limited, among others. A holder of an economics degree and ACCA qualification, Edmond’s extensive network encompasses European and African spheres, a testament to his prominence in both governmental and private realms. Edmond Chisanga’s legacy is one of astute leadership and unwavering commitment to growth.