Liesbeth Bakker MSC MBA

Board Member, Adrian Group

Liesbeth Bakker is a non executive
member of the board overseeing the Group’s technology business.
Liesbeth brings with her, her accomplished expertise in the field of
technology with an aim to bridge the technology gap between (East)
Africa and the rest of the world. She believes that the 4th Industrial
Revolution offers the opportunity to accelerate economic development
through the adoption of emerging technologies including (Big) Data
Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of
Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Her commitment to bringing up talent in the E. Africa region, she has
invested and established The Entrepreneurs Hub which is an
incubator/accelerator supporting intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, startups
and SMEs from all different sectors to start, grow and scale their
business through online programs.
Liesbeth’s extensive experience encompasses numerous roles, including
serving as a Project Coordinator Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and
Blockchain, Adrian Kenya. She was an Executive Consultant supporting
medium and large enterprises and organizations in their technology &
innovation transformations.
Adrian Group will benefit from her wealth of experience