For a long time, Adrian KE as part of its Sustainable Development Goals efforts had been planting trees in BTS sites which it builds. The effort though commendable proved to not be sustainable. This was since the trees dint have someone dedicated to tending to them.

After observing this, the construction division that builds BTS sites all over Kenya and east Africa thought to adopt a different model. They saw it wise to engage the community within the environs of the site and have them take on the responsibility of tending to the trees as part of their efforts in climate action and adding life on land.

This model saw its first community engagement last week on Friday at the MuMui primary school in Meru County Tigoni East Constituency. The Adrian KE construction team had been deployed by Safaricom PLC to build a BTS site in the MuMui area since the network coverage in this area had been a big challenge for the community affecting everything from communication, security and development of the area.

In its mandate to build the BTS site, the Adrian KE team came across the Mumui primary school that was 3 kilometres of the BTS, after regular visits to the school the team saw the chance to engage the school in tree planting. On further engagement the team noticed another huge need to rehabilitate the schools sanitary and toiletry. Being an engineering firm, the civil works and construction of the structure was very much within Adrian KE’s ballpark. The new structures include, for the boys 1 urinal that can hold 8 boys and 4 toilets and a 4-structure toilet latrine for the girls.

The hand-over event for the toilets saw a team of up to 30 from Adrian KE including the senior management travel 97 kilometres to the school. An event that was graced by the area MP Dr. Kanyuithia Mutunga, parents and the school’s management.

In a statement the MP conveyed his gratitude to Adrian KE for their effort to rehabilitate the schools facilities and mentor the pupils in taking care the environment and nurture the trees.

In a statement, Adrian KE’s GM, Stanley Muia commended the Construction Team’s effort in community impact and promoting the sustainable development goals. He went on to add that Adrian KE will go a step further and commit to walking together with the school for a wholesome transformation to give the pupils a conducive environment for studying.

Construction HOD Robert Odhams said his division is committed to spread this model across all other sites they’re undertaking especially in marginalized areas. To promote SDGS on Life on Land & Healthy Living and Well Being.

The full range of actives carried out during the CSR included;

  • Construction of up to 8 toilets and 1 urinal
  • Tree planting and adoption session
  • Girl talk by Adrian KE’s Women in Technology
  • Provision of Sanitary & Hygiene materials to girls.
  • Donation of balls to the boys in the school.

Adrian KE remains committed to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals for a better future in our direct and indirect areas of influence.