1. Introduction
    Adrian Kenya Limited is committed to respecting personal information and protecting the privacy of all individuals who use the official website of Adrian Kenya Limited hereafter referred to as ‘Adrian’. Your privacy is important to us. The sections below outline how Adrian collects and handles personal information you provide via the Adrian Website. Please note that by accessing and using the Adrian Website, it shall be construed that you have agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  2. Collection of Information
    In general, Adrian Kenya will not collect personal information, by which a customer is identifiable, such as names or addresses, when you simply visit the Adrian Kenya Website. However, some services offered through the Adrian Website require you to register personal information to receive or use such services.
    In such cases, prior to asking you to submit your personal information, Adrian will clearly specify the purposes of use of such information and will use the collected data only within the scope of such purposes. Adrian will not use your personal information without your consent for other purposes.
  3. Information Collected
    1. The information we collect and store about you includes but is not limited to the following:
      • Our services collecting your personal information
        • “Contact Us” and “Talk to an Expert” and “Get a Quote” and “Enquire”
        • “E-Mail Newsletter”
        • Application for seminars, events and webinars.
        • Application for Adrian Kenya’s various services.
      • Examples of personal information Adrian will collect.
        • Name
        • Your company name, your job title
        • Postal code, address, phone number
        • E-mail address
        • Other personal information as needed according to specific services.
  4.  Use of Information
    Adrian will use and analyze the personal data it has collected with respect to customers for the following purposes. Adrian will use your personal data only to the extent necessary to achieve these purposes.

    • Accepting customer opinions and inquiries, and responding to such opinions and inquiries;
    • Implementation and operation of services, events, seminars, etc., for which the customer has applied;
    • To conduct questionnaires concerning services, events, seminars, etc. in which customers participate, and to grasp the outcomes of such services, events, seminars, etc.;
    • To provide information on Adrian’s services, events, seminars, and other events related to regions/countries, sectors, and businesses that customers are interested in;
    • Review, development, and launch of new services provided by Adrian to customers;
    • To improve Adrian services to make them more user-friendly;
    • To analyze and collect statistics on customers using Adrian ‘s services;
    • Activities related to the above;
    • To achieve other purposes of use that were clearly indicated at the time of acquiring the personal data of customers;
  5. The Use of Cookies
    On the website, we store some information (using “cookies”) for purposes of user authentication and improvement of customer convenience. In addition, for purposes of improving the usability of this Website for customers, this Website may record access logs, such as the client’s IP address, date and time of access, link source, files accessed, browsers used,  and whether the pages have been delivered successfully etc. We use log information automatically stored on the server and technology called “web beacons” and cookies to create such records. Services are provided using access data such as these cookies, access logs, and web beacons.
    In addition, we use content sharing functions provided by social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn and the video streaming function of YouTube on the Adrian Website. Cookies issued by third parties such as these social media platforms are used to track information that is provided by customers or is obtained from customers’ use history. In addition, Adrian may analyze your interests based on your behavioral history on this Website, such as the date and time of access and the files you accessed.  We may use this data in aggregate form to develop customized services – tailored to your individual interests and needs.
    Should you choose to do so, it is possible (depending on the browser you are using), to be prompted before accepting any cookies, or to prevent your browser from accepting any cookies at all. This will however cause certain features of the web site not to be accessible.
  6. Disclosure of Information
    Any disclosure of your information shall be in accordance with applicable law and regulations. Adrian shall assess and review each application for information and may decline to grant such information to the requesting party. Additionally, Adrian will not disclose personal information you provide via the Adrian Website to a third party, except under the following circumstances:

    • Adrian is required by law to disclose such information.
    • Adrian shares your personal information with an agent which will work on our behalf and disclose such information to the agent to the extent necessary to have the agent complete such work. In such cases, it is Adrian’s policy to protect your personal information by concluding an agreement that obliges such agent to implement appropriate confidentiality and security measures.
    • personal data is processed and reduced to individually unidentifiable statistical data, such as the number of customers by region, industry, or age group.
    • there is a need to protect a human life, body or property
    • there is a need to cooperate when a person entrusted by a central government organization performs affairs prescribed by laws and regulations.
  7. Safeguarding and Protection of Information
    Adrian has put in place appropriate technical and operational measures against unauthorized accesses, leakage, alteration, or destruction of personal information.

    • Regarding access to the server from outside, Adrian allows only the minimum protocols necessary for providing our services to pass through the firewall.
    • Adrian seeks to protect your personal information against unauthorized accesses using firewalls and virus detection systems.
    • Adrian uses the SSL protocol to encrypt and secure transmitted data.
  8. Use of Hyperlinks
    Adrian cannot control your personal information located in an outside website created by private companies, public/private organizations, and individuals, which is not under the control of Adrian and to which the Adrian Website links. When you link to an outside website, you are leaving the Adrian Website and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners of the outside website, which may collect your personal information. We are not in any way responsible for the content of any externally linked website or webpage. Adrian recommends that you take care of handling your personal information and review the privacy and security policy of such websites.
  9. Your Rights
    Subject to legal and contractual exceptions, you have rights under data protection laws in relation to your personal data. These are listed below:

    • Right to be informed that we are collecting personal data about you.
    • Right to access personal data that we hold about you and request for information about how we process it.
    • Right to request that we correct your personal data where it is inaccurate or incomplete.
    • Right to request that we erase your personal data noting that we may continue to retain your information if obligated by the law or entitled to do so.
    • Right to object and withdraw your consent to processing of your personal data. We may continue to process if we have a legitimate or legal reason to do so.
    • Right to request restricted processing of your personal data noting that we may be entitled or legally obligated to continue processing your data and refuse your request.
    • Right to request transfer of your personal data in [an electronic format].
      If you would like to discontinue using any or all of Adrian’s services for which you registered your personal information or make changes to your registered information, you can do so at any time by following the applicable procedures. If no procedure has been provided for a service, please contact the following contact address.
  10. Amendments to This Statement
    When Privacy Policy is revised or updated, Adrian will post such revised or updated Privacy Policy, including the effective date of the revision or update, on the Adrian website. It shall be construed that you accept and agree with the revised or updated Privacy Policy when you access and use the Adrian Website for the first time after the publication of such changes.
  11. How to Contact Us
    If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the handling of personal information on the Adrian Website, please contact us through the following Contacts;

    • Legal Officer, Adrian Kenya Limited
      Adrian Group Center
      Physical Address: Gitaru, Off Waiyaki Way Opp. Kikuyu Junction
      Postal Address: P.O. Box 9808-00100. Nairobi, Kenya
      Phone: +254 (020) 232 4900. +254 701 971 818


Statement Effective Date
1st March 2020