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Small Cells & In-Building-Solutions are wireless connected antennas, usually located on existing structures like streetlights, utility poles or building tops. They work in conjunction with tower infrastructure to provide greater wireless coverage and capacity. Due to increase in density of the buildings, thick walls, height of the buildings, multiple obstructions etc. the mobile signals are not able to penetrate the buildings adequately, particularly in basements and underground parking areas. This has become increasingly pronounced with the explosion of data usage which is exponentially more demanding on the networks than voice connectivity.

What's Included In Our IBS & Small Cell Solution?

Adrian is a leader in installing small cells for indoor, outdoor and mixed-use areas. Regardless of your need, our experts can help you find the right solution to meet your data demands for both today and tomorrow. We support and work directly with the MNO’s to deploy customized small cell and IBS solutions in our cities and urban centers.

Our solution includes:

  • Survey and design
  • Supply and deployment engineering survey and designs,
  • RF installation, configuration, integration and transmission
  • Walk tests and drive tests
  • Radio Planning
  • Link budgets formulation

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Our approach is always to begin with the customers' needs in mind. We're a solutions centred orginization.

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