ICT Products and Solutions

Our focus is in enabling our customers to run their business operations seamlessly while simplifying IT operations to eliminate unnecessary management overheads. Through our expertise and system integration experience, we build seamlessly integrated platforms that allow for smooth businesses execution and desired outcomes.

Data Centre Infrastructure

We have experience in delivering energy efficient data centers and mission critical facilities with a focus on low energy and innovative designs, delivering tier 3 & 4 Data Centers.

Our data centers products include:

  • Uninterrupted power systems
  • Smart modular data centers
  • Prefabricated data centers
  • Smart cooling products
  • Data center management


Enterprise Network Infrastructure

Our enterprise network infrastructure solutions deliver cost effective and reliable network solutions for your business. These include:

  • Campus switching
  • Data center switching
  • WLAN
  • Routing
  • Servers & Intelligent computing
  • Network management & Analysis


Network Security

We have partnered with leading security solution providers, enabling us to walk with our customers in their journey to Understand Develop Design and Implement security strategies for suitable for your business.

Our solutions help our customers mitigate risks and leverage advanced technologies for practical, custom-made solutions.

  • Enterprise data security
  • Cybersecurity solutions


Physical Security Solutions

Our network-based physical security solutions can be implemented at a single facility, across a campus, throughout an organization or nationwide. They include:

  • Access control systems
  • Video and audio surveillance
  • Barriers, gates, fences, bollards and lighting
  • Visitor management
  • Networks and communications platforms


Building Management Solutions

A modern Building Management System is all about integration of everything to do with the efficient control of your building. Our Building Management Solutions converge the following building parameters

  • Power (Mains, Generator Solar).
  • Lighting
  • Physical Security (CCTV, Access control, Alarm systems, Bolards)
  • Fire Suppression systems .
  • HVAC


Cloud Solutions & Services

We understand that companies still rely on internal IT systems as a matter of practically or compliance. As a result, complex, hybrid systems will continue to grow as businesses take advantage of the best of both cloud and on-premise approaches.

The skillset required to actualize and manage this complexity might not exist in-house for many businesses, we provide the capabilities for seamless integration and management of the said systems.


Mobility Applications & Solutions

We help businesses and organizations implement mobility strategies to accelerate business outcomes. Helping our customers build out high-performing, resilient and secure wireless networks, realizing greater flexibility, increase productivity and collaboration. Some of the solutions we can help provide include:

  • Desktop Virtualization solutions
  • Mobile solutions and Applications
  • Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) solutions including mobile device management (MDM)


RFID Technology

Our IoT innovation helps industries to optimize and automate production, Logistics & supply chain management, component tracking and distribution.

RFID brings visibility and efficiency starting from managing the prototype parts, enable reduced stocks until the outbound distribution of the finished goods. Specialized tags can be designed to endure chemicals, washing and high temperature during the manufacturing process. Our RFID solution portfolio includes tags and labels for:

  • Component tracking in: impact risky environment
  • Finished products tracking
  • Manage logistics and supply chain