Power Solutions

Our services include:

  • Design and construction of power lines
  • Solar solutions
    • Off-grid solutions
    • Mini grid solutions
  • Supply of smart meters
  • Supply of rectifiers

Design and Construction of Power Lines

Step 1: Site Allocation from client

Step 2: Site survey, design and approval

Our Power & Civil works department comprises of skilled resources with all the relevant professional qualifications necessary for the regular development of design & construction work essential for contracted power works and their relevant procurement requirements. The team develops all design stages starting from the feasibility study through to the executive design which upon approval proceeds to a construction phase.

Step 3: Generation of BOQ

Following completion of a site survey and design approval, our team generates a BOQ for the same; detailing the statement of work, prices, dimensions, and other details required for the construction project.

Step 4: Material Procurement and Transport

Step 5: Construction, testing and site commissioning

Upon completion of the electrical installation works, the entire installation is subjected to testing before it is allowed to power the site.

Solar Solutions

Off - Grid BTS Solar Solutions

We specialise in the provision of solar power to BTS sites that are off the national grid due to their remote location. Informed by a prerequisite site survey, our engineers work with our clients to design a system that meets their energy demands while offering specialist advice on ways to reduce their energy usage by reducing the cost of fuel consumption from generators. Our process includes three main stages.

  • Site survey and solar design
  • Procurement of solar equipments
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Solar Solutions

Mini - Grid Solar Solutions

  • Cost efficient power generation solution for rural areas.
  • Reliable solution with low operation and maintenance costs. 
  • Acts like a small power generation plant, utilising a local electricity distribution network and saving the hassle of installing and maintaining hundreds of small consumer systems. 
  • Can function autonomously to provide almost the same quality and services as the national grid. 
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and uses battery storage to provide service both at night and on cloudy days. 
  • Possible Applications - Remote villages, Rural hospitals and clinics, Schools, Water plants, Border and military posts

While surveying the location, we identify the most suitable and cost effective energy solution for our client based on a solar PV (Photovoltaics) technology combined with energy storage and diesel generator as backup.

Supply of Smart Meters

Smart meters are electronic devices that record consumption of electricity, gas or water and communicate that information for monitoring and billing. Smart meters send meter readings to the utility company automatically. They also come with in-home displays, which give users real-time feedback on their energy or water usage and what it is costing.

Supply of Rectifiers

Rectifiers are electrical devices that convert alternating current(AC) to direct current(DC) allowing AC power to be able to support GSM equipment.

If and when the main AC power fails, the rectifiers enable the batteries to supply power automatically to the equipments; whether the equipment is BTS or Microwave.

What makes our service unique:

Our rectifiers are assembled in our own factory following procurement of parts from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). In addition, through our Network Optimization Centres we offer 24 hour service support and are able to send a team to the affected site immediately in case of an emergency.