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Safaricom PLC

Safaricom PLC is a listed Kenyan mobile network operator. It is the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya. Safaricom provides communication & digital services to its 35.6 million customers. As part of improving and expanding its network, Safaricom constantly builds BTS towers to different parts of the country.

Company Name   Safaricom PLC 
Type of Project  Construction & Integration of BTS Tower 
Project Sector  Telecommunication  
State of Development   600 sites built to date 
Problem/Challenge  Network Expansion 
Adrian’s Mandate   Build and Integrate BTS tower into Safaricom’s network infrastructure 

Our Involvement

Adrian is a tier 1 contractor for Safaricom PLC providing end to end solutions in BTS tower build and integration. To date, Adrian has built up to 700 sites over the last 10 years offering the following services in the BTS Build Process:

Site Acquisition
Site Design
Civil Works
Metal Fabrication
Power integration
Cell tower integration

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