Adrian today is a collective representation of each and every one of our staff commitment to our vision as a business. Over the last 10 years, our team has shown unwavering commitment to building the business we now call Adrian.

Last week, we gathered outside our HQ offices to celebrated the inaugural groundbreaking ceremony of the Adrian towers. Our vision is for the new HQ offices to be a home that continues to inspire creativity and productivity in ourselves in order to inspire us to continue delivering the highest quality of service for our customers

The design of the new Adrian building has taken into account the need for companies to be good corporate citizens and will serve as a constant reminder of our role in society. Our intention is to remain environmentally conscious and continue to invest in practices that promote sustainability.

Towards this, we have ensured that the Adrian towers have a green energy power supply reducing the need for power supply from the main grid or diesel generator support. We have also incorporated spaces like a mother’s room and wheelchair ramps inside the building to ensure that we create an environment where every type of employee can thrive and be most