Scalable Solutions:

Pioneering Innovation for Sustainability

Our expertise spans from revolutionary agricultural ERP systems to advanced vehicle management software. At ATIC, we are dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable tech solutions that cater to the diverse scaling needs of businesses across multiple industries.

What We Do

The Adrian Technology and Innovation Center is focused on developing tech solutions that solve for fundamental business and societal challenges for mid-size to enterprise level organizations.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

We enable companies to optimize their operations through customized ERP systems they use to manage day-to-day business activities from accounting, supply chain operations, fleet management to project management.

E-learning Platforms

Enabling education centers with interactive, inclusive easy to use platforms that offer the information, tools and resources to support and enhance education delivery and management.

Customer Relationship Management

Drive sales, improve relationships and gather business intelligence through CRM software optimized for your business.

Enterprise Management Systems

We help companies integrate information across their business units for efficient business processes, information flows, reporting and data analytics. 

Point Of Sale and Inventory Management

Giving simplicity to businesses through user-friendly POS system designed to simplify routines while offering autonomy over all aspects of a retail store or restaurant. 

IoT Solutions

We build and manage solutions for smart homes, smart meters, building automation and fleet managementWith intelligent solutionswe help you gather valuable insighted for business growth and informed decision making. 

Our Industries

Our engineers have specialized in building solutions for the agricultural, manufacturing, real-estate, retail and financial sectors


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