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Adrian Kenya Ltd is the Maintenance Service Provider (MSP) for Telecommunication Services currently serving Mt Kenya Region with 1125 BTS sites. Adrian provides Managed Services for these sites for preventive and corrective measures to make sure the cell tower sites are always up and functional.

What's Included In Our Cell Tower Maintenance Service?

Network Monitoring Centre (NMC)

Site status is monitored remotely through environmental alarms that are transmitted directly to the NOC and escalated to our Network Engineers for correction

Preventive Maintenance

Routine – These are normal site equipment checks and minor repairs. Generator Servicing (Changing oil and filters) – This is done after ever 250hrs or 6months whichever comes first. 

Facility Management

During PM01 activities for minor and critical repairs need e.g.

  • Perimeter wall
  • Main gate alignment
  • Fence minor repairs and overhauls
  • Tower painting
  • Ballast Refilling
  • Bees Fumigation
  • Man hole covers repainting and replacement etc.
Fueling and fuel logistics

Generator run hours are monitored through generator running alarms at the NOC and also during PM01 activities for easier fuel projection that is approved by clients’ monthly. This is in the case the main source of power goes out and the backup generator needs to kick in

Cell tower sites usually have 2 power sources, such as;

  • Kplc/Generator
  • Generator/Solar
  • Generator Only
  • Solar Only
Corrective Maintenance

Every site status is monitored through alarms, Minor and Critical. These are monitored through client’s NOC and our NOC. All Critical alarms are attended to immediately by the cluster representative after notification by Adrian NOC team on Shift.

Spares Management

During pm01 or Corrective maintenance activities, sites spares need are reported to the Adrian spares coordinator so that they are approved by client before replacement.

Generator overhauls and Deployments

All gensets should be overhauled after 10000 run hours or In case of a sudden engine knock. Details are collected during pm01 activities for approval by client power support team. After overhaul, sites that are in need of gen upgrade or gen replacement are approved for deployment.

Special Projects

Clients keep on upgrading site equipment’s depending on load demand and technology changes. Whenever issuance of these equipment’s is done Adrian shares a plan to complete the specific project within the specified time.

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