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About This Service

Fiber optics is the technology used to transmit information as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic over long distances.

Optical fibers are about the diameter of a strand of human hair and when bundled into a fiber-optic cable, they’re capable of transmitting more data over longer distances and faster than other mediums. It is this technology that provides homes and businesses with fiber-optic internet, phone and TV services.

What's Included In This Solution?

Adrian Kenya  is a leading fiber technologies provider engaged in the design, deployment and maintenance of critical fibre optic infrastructure across Kenya and Eastern Africa. Adrian currently maintains fiber optics networks in Nairobi East 1,670kms & 43,000 homes and 300 buildings. The scope involves Maintaining the fiber cables to avoid downtime to ISPs’ clients and fixing fiber cuts when faults occur. Our maintenance services include:

Preventive Maintenance

Have a patrol team that checks the route and surveys and mitigates possibilities of there being a fiber cut. Potential risk assessment.

Corrective Maintenance

Carrying out corrective maintenance/ fault management of optical fiber cable transmission networks to ensure network availability within agreed on timelines (SLAs) and high-quality network transmission.

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