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Customer requirements for physical security and CCTV solutions have risen exponentially in recent years across the globe due to rising concern for security and safety. In particular, the development of IP based CCTV systems and software based analytic features and functions allows the delivery of highly “intelligent” integrated, self-learning solutions which reduce the reliance upon human monitoring alone.

The advent of video analytics technologies allows the analysis of video footage in real time and detects abnormal activities that could pose a threat to an organization’s security.

What's Included In This Solution?

Adrian Kenya Limited is a well-established multidisciplinary physical safety & security solution systems integrator. We have developed a broad capability to design, implement and support business critical security solutions. We provide high performance network security solutions and services to all our customers.

We specialize in the design and installation of intelligent security solutions for main verticals, such as government, education, healthcare, finance, enterprise and other sectors. We have a dedicated team of professionals: technicians, sales representatives, engineers and project managers who work together to deliver the best results in established timeframes.

We collaborate with various leading technology partners that provide innovative equipment and solutions tailored to each of our customer’s requirements.

Our key security technologies are as shown below 

  • CCTV surveillance & video analytics 
  • Access control solutions
  • Perimeter security & Gate entry systems
  • Video Management Software & Video Content Analytics

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Our approach is always to begin with the customers' needs in mind. We're a solutions centred orginization.

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