Social ESG


Social Efforts

Our goal is to create a positive impact for our stakeholders and community
through meaningful engagement, contribution, and volunteerism.

  • Women receive equal pay for equal work
  • 60:40 ratio of men to women at the board level
  • Women supplier training programs
  •  Goal to achieve women as 30% of the workforce. Currently at 18% and growing

Our Priority Social SDGs:

Our Social Initiatives

Tech Ambassadors Program

The Adrian Tech Ambassador Program for young women graduates takes them through training in leadership, sales and marketing. In 2019, 15 out
of 20 women who went through this training, joined as full-time employees.

Women in Business Mentorship

In 2019, we facilitated a Women in Business Training to step up progress towards empowering women-run businesses among our suppliers. We
got to train 32 women leaders and currently, 20% of our suppliers are women-led businesses.

Impact Initiatives

At Adrian, it’s important for us that the communities we work in and with are confident that they are engaging with a company that cares about their future.

Adopt a Tree Initiative Isiolo County

Adopt a Tree Initiative Kwale County

3,000 Trees Project

Tech Ambassadors Program

Women in Business Mentoring